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A three-part acapella song with rich, lush harmonies. Beautiful with three voices and has a striking, gospel feel with a large chorus.

Composer & Copyright

Written and originally recorded by the now disbanded women’s acapella group Copper Wimmin.


Inspiration Track – Copper Wimmin:


I’ve decided to be happy
I’ve decided to be glad
I’ve decided to be grateful
For all I ever had

I’ve decided to let go
Of all this pain tonight
I’ve decided to let go
Of all these demons inside

I know… I am blessed
I know… all I ever wanted was this
I know… I don’t need more
I’ve got… what I came for

I’ve decided to be open
To that little voice inside
Telling me I’m beautiful
It’s okay to be alive

I’ve decided to be kinder
To myself when I feel bad*
I’ve decided to be grateful
For all I ever had


*sad, in the original Copper Wimmin version


  • Jolene Starr
    Posted at 21:20h, 07 August Reply

    Such a beautiful song! I do like that you changed the word from “sad” to “bad.” I have so many feelings that don’t feel good, and sometimes it’s impossible to label them except, “I feel bad.”

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