Ide Were Were

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Ide Were Were

An ancient Yoruba chant to the goddess Oshun from Nigeria. Oshun is the goddess of fresh water, fertility, beauty, pleasure & love. The song speaks of a necklace given as an initiation into love.

Composer & Copyright

Traditional, public domain. Choral arrangement copyright Lisa G. Littlebird, instrumental arrangement by Zan Moore.



Em*= 0 2 4 0 3 0
C+9= X 3 2 0 3 0

Em* Am7 Em* B7
Em* Am7 Em* C+9
Am7 —–  D ——
G  ——  C+9 ——-
Am7 ——-   B7 ——


Ide were were nita oshun
Ide were were
Ide were were nita oshun
Ide were were nita ya

Ocha kiniba nita oshun
Cheke cheke cheke
Nita ya
Ide were were

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