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09 Mar Good News

An original song by Coco Love Alcorn arranged for Wholehearted Chorus in a gospel style in 4-part harmony. A simplified version of the chorus can be taught quickly for circles as needed.

Composer & Copyright

Original song lyrics by Coco Love Alcorn, music by Coco, Andy Sheppard, Alan Mackie and Drew McIvor. Arranged for Wholehearted Chorus by Lisa G. Littlebird, inspired by Karla Mundy’s arrangement for her Rhythm ‘n’ Roots chorus.



Good news… we’re breathing
Good news… we’re alive
Good news… we’re here
And no one can deny

You can break my heart
You can break my bones
But no one can break my spirit
‘Cause my spirit is my home
You can take my money
You can take my time
But no one can take my spirit
‘Cause my spirit is mine


You can fool my mind
You can fool my eyes
But no one can fool my spirit
‘Cause my spirit is wise
You can bound my body
You can bound my day
But no one can bound my spirit
‘Cause my spirit knows the way


The spirit finds a way…

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