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Singing On the Edge
A 5-Day Workshop with Lisa G., Melanie DeMore, MaMuse, Laurence Cole, Kate Munger, Barbara McAfee, Maggie Wheeler, Emile Hassan-Dyer, Marion Van Namen, Heather Houston & Aimee Ringle
September 15-20, 2019

Community singing is an art of stepping to the edge together — to the edge of our own unfolding and to the edge of the conversations most needed in our collective communities. A world-class lineup of community song leaders from around the country is coming together for this celebratory property-wide singing event. We will use the power of singing together in the oral tradition to craft a recipe for our world using harmony, empowerment, connection and joy. This will be a highly collaborative weekend among the faculty, who will offer a mix of breakout sessions as well as daily gatherings with the whole group. This event is accessible and welcoming to all voices with every level of experience. Come ready to offer your voice in a potent exchange designed to sow deep seeds of inspiration, community and action on the path of justice.


Living in Harmony: Singing Our Way Back Together
February 21-23, 2020

Come prepared to find your voice (and not just your singing voice!), explore your capacities with curiosity and collect songs and tools to nourish your well-being and enrich your life in this workshop guided by Lisa G. Littlebird. With a style rooted in compassionate awareness practices, Lisa is dedicated to reclaiming song for human connection. In this shared practice of singing, we not only discover a pathway to communion and release, we offer a powerful contribution to these polarized times: compassion and empathy toward ourselves and others. Through gentle, exploratory encouragements and a diverse repertoire of more than 500 oral-tradition songs, Lisa cultivates a supportive, uplifting circle of group harmony and sound, inviting all singers to expand and delight in the full potential of their voices. This workshop is designed for singers of all abilities and levels of experience, including no experience or negative experience in need of healing.