Carmel Bach Festival 2019

Practice Recordings

These are recorded here over the arrangement demo track (fake instruments) to give you a good sense of the arrangement and instrumentation while we sing. We will extend the ending as we sing with the audience.

Complete Finnish Lesson

Sari, speaking our words in rhythm

Lyrics & Meaning

Click here for Chorus lyrics only

Click here for the complete song & translation

“Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta” is based on a wedding tune, part of a complex traditional wedding ritual from the era when marrying meant moving into your new husband’s household. It is a welcoming song for the new bride, sung to her traditionally by her groom’s sister as the bridal party arrives at the newlyweds’ home, which is the groom’s homestead and typically includes his whole family. The song uses hunting motifs to describe the marriage, referring to the bride as the “sorsa” or wild duck caught by an eagle.

So the sister-in-law in the song is the new bride, and the man (“veijo”) is the groom, who is the singer’s brother. The song indicates that some were afraid he might return without a bride, but he did in fact bring a bride back to the house, and this is the welcoming song.

Inspiration Track

Our Schedule

Mon. July 1 or Wed. July 3, 7-8pm after Mon. or Wed’s drop-in classes in Monterey (Mondays) and Big Sur (Wednesdays)
Mon. July 8 or Wed. July 10, 7-8pm after Mon. or Wed’s drop-in class
Mon., July 15 – Our regular class will end at 6:30 and we will rehearse 6:30-7pm.
No singing class or rehearsal on Wed. July 17.
Thursday morning, July 189:30amMandatory rehearsal at Carmel Sunset Center. Plan to arrive by 9:20, be in the lobby of the Sunset Center by 9:30am. You will be free to go by 10:30am. Give yourself time to park and do not be late please!
Thursday, July 18, 7:30pm – Concert at the Sunset Center in Carmel, call time TBA. We will wear our usual concert attire, black pants or skirt, white top with solid color hanging scarf.

Please note we will not have seats to watch this concert. We will be in the large and comfortable green room backstage with a high quality monitor for viewing and listening.